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The RadMad programme includes unlimited monthly access to exclusive workouts, recipes, nutrition advice, meditation and support. The subscription renews every month or year depending on what you choose

The programme is available in both Russian and English. You can learn another language while building your body and mind!

You will need to purchase the access online and you will immediately get access to the programme!

You will immediately get access to the programme, once the payment is processed.

This programme is designed to make your body healthier, stronger and more beautiful! And how you will achieve this, getting leaner or gaining high-quality muscle mass, depends only on you and your desires!

We specifically developed such a program so that it would be universal, including both strength training and high-intensity fat burning!

Your result will depend on your nutrition plan, which you can build with our Nutrition Guide and Personalised Support!

You must be at least 16 years old. If you are not, please seek permission from your parents.

All workouts are designed for average physical training ability, and also include a demonstration of a moderate version of the exercise. The risk of injury is small.

If you are hesitating, you should consult with your doctor, especially if you have any medical conditions.

The calendar shows the optimal way to carry out the program. The best individual result will be if weekly perform workouts as indicated in the calendar.

Payment is possible from anywhere in the world, because the transaction goes safely and securely through PayPal! If you cannot make a payment, please contact us at, and we will help you.

All workouts are specifically designed to perform at home. All you need is a soft surface / mat to do the exercises lying down. Even in strength training, where weights are required, we use household items that everyone has – books.

Workouts have different durations. There are 20, 40 and 45 minutes workouts.

There is no definite answer! It is only important to keep a break of 1.5-2 hours between your main meals and exercise, before and after. You can read more articles on this topic on your Instagram account

It is possible, but the main goal of RadMad Wellness is to prove that it is not at all necessary to go to an expensive gym to get in shape. We are making fitness more accessible! This program is an imitation of the gym (where there are usually a variety of group classes) with a variety of classes every day. This is a great chance for you to try different types of workouts from your home!

The result will depend on how well you are performing the workouts, as well as on your nutrition and sleep schedule. Be healthy! Keep in mind your body features: genetics, metabolism, degree of physical fitness.

However, you will notice the first noticeable changes in 10 days!

You will have access to the purchased workouts for 2 months! After that we will let you know what kind of programme we can offer you next.

This guide includes a detailed explanation on micro and macro-nutrients, as well as advices on creating your own sustainable nutrition plan. We teach you how to stop counting calories and focus more on giving your body needs to function, at the same time getting to your healthy weight. As a bonus, at the end we provide our example of a 7-day nutrition plan for vegetarians and a 7-day nutrition plan for omnivores with 20+ exclusive recipes!

The Guide was created in collaboration with a certified Singaporean nutritionist – Ashley Tay. It is safe as we provide a medically proven information about nutrition. If you have any allergies or want to specify if the guide is suitable for you, please consult your doctor. 

*The 7-day meal plan is only a recommendation and should not be treated as mandatory. 

No, the Nutrition Guide stays with you as an e-book forever!

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